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I know your struggle. 

You're bootstrapping your creative business from the ground up and driving yourself crazy trying to juggle social media, content creation and grow your email list.  

What if I told you I can maintain your social media presence with my streamline and automation process giving you the time to do more important things?

 How can i help you?

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I can maintain your cohesive social media profiles you've already created, Or we can strategically develop a presence specifically for your brand.

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I can create sale funnels, tag + segment subscribers, send weekly newsletters, and integrate content upgrade freebies

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I can manage and grow a thriving community for Facebook groups, membership sites, and YouTube.  Foster a welcoming environment and increase engagement.

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I can manage your channel by uploading videos, optimizing description box, & tagging keywords.  I can also organize your videos by category + engage with your audience.

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I can produce/edit your show audio, create time markers, transcribe, and link to mentioned resources in the show. 


Dedication to your business

Social media isn't easy.  You must execute a strategic plan to grow your audience and extend your outreach.  A social media manager will help align your inspirations with your passion project and help you establish a social presence online, maintain what you already have, and increase engagement for your brand! 

Your Social Media frustrations are my expertise-5.png

If you are a bold millennial creative, you've already won me over!  My services and work ethic are structured to better serve youtuber's, course creators, podcast show host's, and coaches/strategists. 

As a client of mine, your business goals and growth are my number 1 priority.  I will go above and beyond to ensure all deadlines are met, quality of work is above average, and all lines of communication and contact are open for your convenience. 

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The Man With The Plan!

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Hi, I'm Sam and I started The Social Hustler because I saw a need to deliver high quality services to young creatives who have built their online businesses to escape the 9-5!