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  • You know that social media is a powerful component to grow your brand, but you just can't find the time to dedicate to creating the impactful content that will attract your audience?
  • You have brilliant ideas to execute that would grow your creative business, but you're too busy running your multiple social media platforms?
  • You don't have the motivation to consistently create content + maintain a social media presence that will grow your existing brand?
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  • You would rather dedicate your precious time to skyrocketing your email list?
  • You want to finally finish creating that online product or course so you can pull in passive income?
  • You want to focus on creating evergreen + resourceful content that motivated you to start your creative business in the first place?
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  1. Bold millennial creatives who want to create more time in their day to build their growing brand. 
  2. Creatives who know exactly what they want out of their social media platforms.
  3. Bold millennial business owners who are motivated to successfully achieving a cohesive brand.
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  1. Creatives who do not have a base to start from (website, brand colors, purpose, etc)
  2. Creatives who are not sure what direction they want their social media to go in or those that lack motivation + inspiration.
  3. Creatives who aren't willing to contribute to the process of growing their brand. 
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Social Media Packages

Each package allows you to choose two platforms for managing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Services Offered with each package include:

  • 60 minute consultation
  • Account set up (if needed)
  • Content scheduling/posting (content provided by client or created)
  • Audience engagement
  • Awareness of platform updates
  • Giveaway + Contest management
  • Hashtag research + Target market segmentation
  • Monthly performance report
  • Unlimited email support (M-F)

10 Post Per Month

Investment: $200


20 Post Per Month

Investment: $400


30 Post Per Month

Investment: $600


       So you've built a thriving online community of members who share the same passion as you, but as your brand begins to grow into the powerhouse it should be, you find yourself skipping out on your daily chats with your loyal members, forgetting daily engagement threads, and no longer turning members into lifetime customers?

      Here's where I come in.  We can create a daily engagement calendar to keep the spice and chats rockin' in your community.  How about creating a free downloadable gift for simply becoming a member? Let's get the wheels turning again and start converting members into passive income for your brand!

Community Management

Includes Facebook group management + Membership site management

  • 60 minute consultation for clarity + Identifying areas of improvement
  • Scheduled weekly threads for engagement
  • Promotion of your products (e-books, courses, masterclasses) to increase sales + passive revenue
  • Comment moderation for compliance of rules and guidelines
  • Audience engagement to drive more members back to your website
  • Run contests + giveaways to skyrocket email list
  • Creation of content upgrade(s) to appeal to potential members to join
  • 2 scheduled video call per month for performance review
  • Unlimited email support (M-F)

Investment: $675 per month


     Listen, you don't have to explain to me your struggles of trying to grow your YouTube channel, I know all the tasks that must be completed before a successful video goes viral!  You simply just want to hit the record button, get in your zone, and watch your channel reach the masses!  

     What if I told you this is possible?  With someone like me on your team to manage your YouTube channel, you can create your stellar video content, edit it to your satisfaction, then pass it to me to do the rest!  This allows you to get your hands on more money-generating tasks in your growing empire!

YouTube Management

  • 60 minute discovery call
  • Account Set-up (If Needed)
  • Channel art (Outsourced)
  • Video uploading
  • Personalized calendar for scheduled video posting
  • Keyword research/tagging + Target market segmentation
  • Thumbnail art (created or provided by client)
  • Comment moderation + Audience engagement (drive more viewers to your website + Skyrocket email list!)
  • Organizing (by category) all uploaded videos for easy browsing + YouTube Optimization
  • Strategize profitable product ideas for your channel + create multiple streams of passive income
  • Optional: Reach out to potential YouTube networks for product deals, sponsored videos, + more!
  • Unlimited email support (M-F)

Investment: $675 per month


    It's absolutely no secret that your email list is a GOLD MINE! Loyal customers who are waiting to purchase your first e-book, sign up for your masterclass, or pay HUNDREDS of dollars when you launch your e-course!  That's why your first priority when launching your online creative business should be investing in a robust email management system so you can begin building your base of loyal subscribers who are dying to give you their money!

   However, there is one problem.  This takes a lot of your valuable time to achieve.  Allow me to manage this time consuming task so that you can dedicate your time to other profit generating duties that you actually enjoy!

Email Management

Mailchimp and ConvertKit email services Only

Coming Soon!


Running a podcast show is stressful! You have to schedule influential business owners to interview, plan out hot topics to discuss, edit the recorded audio, create a graphic for each show, post on social media, and the list goes on and on.  These task must be done in order to perpetually grow your podcast show and ultimately your brand!

Why are you doing anything beyond recording the show?....... Offload those annoying tasks to someone who LOVES to do it! You're job is done after recording! I will cook up a irresistible podcast episode each and every time!  

Podcast Production

  • Edit audio in Audacity (Includes Intro + Outro clips)
  • 1-2 paragraph description of the episode (Includes links to resources mentioned in the show)
  • Schedule shows for upload.
  • Create show graphic 
  • Transcription of audio
  • Time markers for reference 
  • Unlimited email support (M-F)

Investment: $775 per month

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